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Online Fitness Course. 7 DAY CHALLENGE / Full Body Workout at home without equipmen for beginners

SALE £9.99 Fitness Course.

Full Body Workout at home for beginners without equipment.

2 videos 30 minutes long in total.

🌕 Nutrition (5 Min)

🌕Home Workout(25 Min)

This is a 7-day challenge which focuses on key areas which many people want to improve and covers the basic muscle groups, and how training those muscles benefits the body with technique to do them safely. It is designed to help you develop habits (so just follow the video every day for 1 week)

This course is aimed at beginners to exercise, for any age men and women, and those who want to complement their other activities to begin to build a solid exercise and nutrition habit.

You will learn the basic muscle groups and techniques, and cover exercises that will improve common problem areas such as legs, bum, stomach, sides and arms. If you want to improve the shape of your body, this is for you. If you want to lose weight this is for you, if you want to increase strength, stamina

and mobility, this is for you.

This course will give you an understanding of exercises that beginners can incorporate into your movement and exercise routine. By building a solid foundation you will then have the best chance for progress and success.

Full Price - £19.99

You will receive 2 videos, 30 min long in total (NUTRITION - 5 min /WORKOUT - 25 min) + A FREE CONSULTATION ( a 10 min video call )

After a PayPal transaction ( you will receive your course.

If any questions please, contact us by email at

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